Piazza Walther

Piazza Walther | 39100 Bolzano


Commemoration and participation

Bolzano’s elegant outdoor “sitting room” next to the Cathedral has been the city’s stage ever since it was commissioned by Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria in 1808. This cheerful and lively square has witnessed a succession of emperor’s visits, balls and celebrations of every kind. It is here that the city’s most iconic events take place, including the Christmas market and colourful spring flower festival. Its edges are clustered with heaving outdoor cafes and eminent hotels exuding Habsburg-era charm, including Hotel Città and Hotel Greif, a sophisticated design hotel boasting rooms reimagined by 33 contemporary creatives. A statue of Walther von der Vogelweide, one of Medieval Europe’s most well-known troubadour poets, rises from the centre of the square, a reminder of Bolzano’s undying love for music. Today, Bolzano’s residents of all ages head to Piazza Walther to unwind, just like the upper-class tourists who were drawn to the South Tyrolean capital’s charm 150 years ago. Like all famous Italian squares, it acts as a barometer for the city’s mood, a melting pot where different ideas and cultures meet and interact. And it is for this very reason that Bolzano Danza often chooses Piazza Walther as a location.