Support the festival

There are several ways that individuals, associations and companies can support Bolzano Danza Festival and help promote the arts in South Tyrol.

Why support us?

Contributing to Bolzano Danza Festival is a worthy deed because it means supporting a high-quality cultural project and linking one’s name to one of the region’s most prestigious artistic institutions, the Haydn Foundation. Culture is an engine for regional growth; financing it means investing in the future for all of us.

Private individuals and companies alike can help us in very concrete ways. As Bolzano Danza Festival has evolved across the years, we’ve designed a number of ways for businesses to play an active role, reinforce their social commitment to the region and gain visibility and appreciation within the local community.

How to support us

There are numerous ways that individuals, associations and companies can support us. You can choose to make a direct gift, donate your 5×1000 to us or participate in the Ministry of Culture’s Art Bonus programme. Companies can become our partner or technical or advertising sponsors.