Parco delle Semirurali (park on the site where semi-rural cottages once stood)

Via Alessandria 15 | 39100 Bolzano

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This lush green space located on the edge of Don Bosco holds a lot of social value for the Bolzano Danza Festival. Its name comes from a neighbourhood of humble workers’ cottages on the banks of the River Eisack which date back to the end of the 1930s. They were built by the fascist regime to house thousands of factory workers from all over Italy. Today, these ‘semi-rural’ cottages have almost all disappeared with the exception of one which is now a museum. They were replaced by social housing, and the Semirurali quarter now represent one of Bolzano’s most vibrant, populated and diverse neighbourhoods. In the middle of the park, opposite the 300-seat amphitheatre, lies a small but impressive archaeological site. Here, one can observe the remains of the church and medieval convent of Santa Maria in Augia. In the past it was not only a place of prayer and spirituality, but also one of hospitality for pilgrims and wayfarers. Today, it is a symbol for a community that strives to build a shared identity through the hard work of a tight network of regional associations. Taking a look at Don Bosco’s summer programme confirms this: each year it brings the park alive, bringing art to a diverse audience. Bolzano Danza Festival is more than happy to oblige, presenting highly experimental and engaging projects which promote new cultural impulses and social inclusion.