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The Festival

Bolzano Danza is a leading festival of contemporary dance, both nationally and internationally. Organised by the Haydn Foundation, it brings its contagious energy to the city every July, attracting a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Inclusion, participation and sustainability are key to the festival. It is open to societal diversity and ready to capture our world in a state of flux – through the universal language of dance.

The performances, which showcase the best contemporary choreographers and dancers and encompass a wide range of genres and languages, are centred around the Teatro Comunale, from which they radiate out to a number of prominent venues throughout the city, reshaping its perception thanks to projects involving artivism and social interaction. Alongside the performances, the festival also offers dance workshops of all styles organised by the Südtiroler Kulturinstitut.

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Each year in July, the entire city of Bolzano moves to the rhythm of dance. In addition to the artistic performances of the festival, the Südtiroler Kulturinstitut association organises workshops for dance enthusiasts of all ages and levels. These classes, led by international teachers, cover a variety of genres: from classical to contemporary dance, from urban styles to jazz and tap dance, as well as flamenco, Lindy Hop, Bollywood, yoga and Pilates.


Green Festival

In sync with the environment, taking responsibility for the planet. At Bolzano Danza we pay attention to ecological sustainability in all its forms: from supporting social inclusion to numerous Going Green initiatives to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint. At performances, for example, we encourage sustainable mobility and efficient energy use, and distribute reusable water bottles to avoid unnecessary waste.

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