Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare (Antonio Dalle Nogare foundation)


Where artistic pursuits

The Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation was set up in 2018 by a cultivated patron of the arts who believes that contemporary art is a tool for understanding social change and widening the discourse between creativity, architecture and artistic pursuits. Its mission is to encourage international and local artists to collaborate, experiment with new exhibition projects and educate through events and projects. These shared aims led to the festival including the foundation’s headquarters in its list of locations. Nestled among the foothills of the Sarntal Alps, the delicate work of architects Walter Angonese and Andrea Marastoni enhanced this picturesque natural setting. The exhibition spaces, library and home of the collector are actually partly dug into the rock and clad in warm, contemporary materials. The large, glazed open spaces and terraces exhibit a priceless collection of conceptual, minimalist and Arte Povera works by different artists from the late Twentieth Century – from Carl Andre to Piero Manzoni, from Roman Opalka to Luciano Fabro, from Jannis Kounellis to Giuseppe Penone. It also includes site-specific pieces such as a lettered installation by Robert Barry and a pavilion by Dan Graham. The Bolzano Danza Festival crates a dialogue between choreography and visual art, reinventing this bright and captivating gallery.