Prati del Talvera (Talvera meadows)

Prati del Talvera | 39100 Bolzano
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Artistic synergy
between city and nature

The path along the River Talfer, which Bolzano has grown along since medieval times, is the most popular walkway with the locals and one of the places which seems to best capture the city’s work hard, play hard spirit. The Prati del Talvera (Talvera meadows), a large recreation space with wooded areas, sports equipment, a youth centre and a concert stage, skirts both sides of the riverbanks between Ponte Talvera and Ponte Sant’Antonio. This relaxing green space, on the edge of the old town but immersed in nature against a backdrop of vineyards and the peaks of the Rosengarten group, seamlessly knits together city and countryside. The old floodplain which protected the city from the river’s fierce floods was completely renovated in the seventies. Today it is a pleasant spot where you can while away the time relaxing or watching a variety of different events. This has made it one of Bolzano Danza Festival’s most thrilling locations right from the very beginning. The juxtaposition of the familiar, serene meadows with the disruptive novelty of the festival’s artistic and musical projects makes it particularly fascinating. Interactive and multi-sensory shows help reinvent landmarks like this and give new meaning to their use.