NOI Techpark

Via Alessandro Volta 13/A | 39100 Bolzano
+39 0471 066 600 |

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The future

South Tyrol’s science and technology park, NOI Techpark, is a campus dedicated to creativity where companies, research institutes, university and startups collaborate on new research and development projects in various leading industry, services and new technology sectors. The goal of this constantly evolving cutting-edge project is to offer tools inspired by the natural world, its ability to adapt and sustainable principles, to tech companies. This innovation hub was set up in an old aluminium plant, a small masterpiece of rational architecture which was carefully refurbished and extended by architects Claudio Lucchin, Chapman Taylor and Mauro Dell’Orco. A campus of 40 high-tech laboratories, offices and meeting spaces has sprung up around it. NOI Techpark’s large spaces such as the 70-metre-long Sala Carroponte make it a high-profile location for the Bolzano Danza Festival. It provides a natural backdrop to innovative artistic performances which blend the material world of bodily expression with the immaterial virtual world and immersive digital tech.