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Bolzano Danza 2022

No Limits

Performers who boldly put themselves on the line, dancers who are spurred on by the music until they are exhausted… In our hectic and uncertain world, what is it that drives some people to challenge their own capacity and push their physical and mental limits? Bolzano Danza 2022 examines the relationship between body and performance, bringing onto the stage not only dancers but also acrobats, mountain climbers, circus performers, athletes and musicians. At times, the performative can even become a vice, as revealed by seven great artists interpreting the seven deadly sins. But the stars of this edition of the festival, which will include many prestigious guests and partners of the calibre of Gauthier Dance and the Ballet national de Marseille, also speak to us about teamwork and empathy, or about states of trance and ecstasy that restore contact with oneself and nature.


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