Forcella del Sassolungo (Saslonch mountain pass)

39048 Selva di Val Gardena (BZ)

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A tightrope walker’s

Carving through the Saslonch and Fünffingerspitze and offering impressive glimpses of the Dolomite Peaks and the Sella Pass and Seiser Alm meadows, the mountain pass at the head of Val Gardena is a lonely and difficult-to-reach spot. This location was a first for the Bolzano Danza Festival in 2022. The choice of setting is a natural response to the festival’s aim to spread performances across the region, inspiring an original fusion of dance, other types of bodily expression and the surrounding landscape. This place conjures up images of gravity- and nature-defying stunts and the extreme experiences of mountaineers. This makes it the perfect backdrop for a site-specific performance which fuses choreography with tightrope walking, weight and agility, suspense and the contemplation of majestic vertical landscapes. A new place and a new way to reflect on the spirit of sport and the inevitable need to understand and respect our Alpine surroundings. Saslonch Mountain Pass is 2,685 metres above sea level. The Passo Sella Resort (Rifugio Passo Sella) can be reached by cable car or an hour-and-a-half-long hike of medium difficulty.